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Clearance Sale

Why Not Manufacture Your Own Bodywork ?

Over the winter we have been having a clearout to make a bit of space in our workshops and now find we have a number of sets of tooling for our bodywork components that are surplus to requirements.

We are now looking to sell this tooling, so if you are interested in aquiring some of them, whether for your own machine or even to manufacture items for others, give us a ring on 0191 261 4579 or drop us an email at Click to email and we will let you know what we still have.

Please Note:

If you have bought any of our bodywork you will be aware of the high standards of fit and finish we maintain. All of the tooling we are offering complies with our usual standards.

None of these items is in any way 'second class' there are no damaged or worn out components and most of this tooling has been in regular use producing bodywork to the standards you are familiar with.

You can be confident in the quality of this tooling.

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Home to the finest motorcycle bodywork on the web!

We at ARD Racing have been producing top-class motorcycle bodywork for road, track day and race applications for 30 years.


In that time we have constantly refined our production and quality systems to keep up to date with leading edge techniques. This virtually unparalleled record makes us confident that we can supply you with some of the finest bodywork, including fairings, seat & tail units, huggers etc. you have ever owned.


Not only does it look good, but it is probably the strongest, most robust motorcycle bodywork available. You only need to buy our stuff once. We've all seen folks wandering around the roadside picking up fibreglass shards that look like matchwood after coming off their pride and joy, but click here to see how ARD Racing body kits stand up when you fall off....


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