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The crankshaft is probably the most important component in an engine, in that, if the crankshaft assembly is not in first class order any attempt to run an engine close to its limits for very long will end in tears. Even more so if any performance enhancing work has been carried out.

The fact that we re-build so many cranks seems to suggest that this fact is not truly appreciated!

The main reason for this is probably that the crankshaft is buried deep in the bowels of an engine and is rarely seen by its owner. However, the old adage 'out of sight, out of mind' is not the best yardstick in this case.


crankshaft repairs

As is normal at ARD Racing we have only one standard that we apply to all of our crank rebuilds. You do not need a sudden crankshaft failure if you are flying your micro light aircraft or racing your jet ski. It can also be extremely painful if your crankshaft cries enough at Silverstone. Therefore we assume that every crank we rebuild will spend most of its life somewhere close to its maximum performance level, and as we like to see our customers come back occasionally, we treat your engine accordingly.


winderosa gaskets koyo bearings

We use only top quality components from recognised manufacturers, such as bearings and seals from Koyo and rod kits from Prox. We supply and fit gasket sets from Winderosa, an American manufacturer with a huge range of excellent products.

Once a shaft has been re-built many people think that the job is finished. However, over 25 years in this business tells us that the real work is just starting.

On the Rack
Every crankshaft we build is tested for concentricity and trued as necessary before we let it out the door.


Ensuring that all components run true and concentric is an exacting and skillful job. However, if it is not done properly the vibrations from your engine will soon tell you that someone has cut corners.

Ensuring that the crank runs true is absolutely vital to the integrity of your engine, especially in today's high powered, high revving screamers. We often spend as much time trueing the finished crank as we do re-building it so that you can have absolute confidence in our work.


Whatever your performance related requirements, give us a ring on

0191 261 4579 now!


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